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VOLUNTEERS: After 6 months' experience of rotating nightly shifts we've discovered that for us to be wholly effective fighting local property crime(s) we need to field dusk to dawn patrols seven (7) days per week. In order to reach this goal we need folks willing to be trained as volunteers dedicated to helping protect their own neighborhoods and community. Hours and daily scheduling are very flexible - we can work with your availability!

We are currently looking to fill shifts with a combination of both regular and backup/on call patrollers that will enable us to safely meet both patrol and local security needs. Hours of service needed: Minimum 1 hr (business close/open) to a Maximum of 4-5 hrs (patrolling). Again, we can work with the time you are available!

DONATIONS: With the exception of ride-along volunteers, we currently use our own vehicles and personal treasure to field patrols. Many folks have stepped-up to help with ongoing fuel card needs, but we could also use donated and/or highly discounted vehicle maintenance services. Our basic expenses involve fuel, vehicle maintenance, and security equipment costs. Please see below on how you can help keep our community patrols rolling!

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    Feb 1, 2018
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